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Dear Friends
My clients  came pretty happy ,  They felt  very confortable with your services and attetions
Excellents  comments  came from them  so , this is very important  for  futures deals.
So I'm happy  too to have found  a good partner in DXB  who  take care of my people  when I couldn't go.
Best Regards.

Alejandro Garrido
Owner- Director
Aviajar Tours & travel
5981 58 th Rd
NY 11378 516-3124525
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Hi Aida,  

On my list, I have a mark for sending a “thank You so very much” e-mail to You and Mitri for all help and perfect service last weekend.
All guest was so happy and enjoying the excursions..
Regarding costs I totally understand Your email , and frankly, wasn’t expecting anything else.
I will take care of all detail during afternoon or latest tomorrow, send You e-mail when we have transferred the money..


Roger Johansson
LA Travel AB
Storgatan 24
261 31 Landskrona
Phone +46 (0) 771 550 100 Fax +46 (0) 418 27003
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Dear Sirs:

Back to our country, we want to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated the cooperation given to us by Mr. Hossam Elsawy, in occasion of the Dhrow Cruise on October 20th.

He voluntary accompanied to us from the hotel to the cruise, during the cruise and back to the hotel.  He was great helping us in the cruise.

Please extend our thanks to Hossam and our congratulations to your company for having such a great person working with you.

Kind regards,


Pedro Aquim
Lucila Aragon de Aquim
Jimber Alex Aquim Aragon
Carlos Terán
María Cinthia Terán
Myriam Fernandez
Lucy Vásquez
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Dear Elodie and Zahid

we have received compliments from guests for the perfect organization of the trip and for your guide.

Congratulations to  Kurban staff from Turbanitalia

Best regards

Adelina Gentile
Ufficio gruppi - Viale Filippetti 24 - 20122 Milano Cap. Soc. € 10.400 I.V.
R.E.A. 1119789 - Tribunale Milano 220443 - Cod. Fisc. Part. IVA N. 06774960154
Tel. +39 0258308791 - fax +39 0258318392
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circuit Trésors des Emirats du 16/04/2013,voyage magnifique repas, hôtellerie parfaites (sauf repas poissons).Guide (Nabil) et chauffeur aux petits soins du groupe un souvenir inoubliable.

Tel: 0033559439463
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Dear Sajith,

I hope you are fine.
My client, Mr Couturon called me yesterday, after his return from Oman.
He told me that everything was perfect during his trip, and he and his family really appreciated their holidays.Your country seems to be wonderful and friendly according to him.
Hotels, program and organization were perfect. And they are enthusiastic about their night in the 1000 Night Camp, where it seems they get the tents they were expected for.
Mr Couturon also told me that their guide was nice, interesting, helpful and thank to him they really get the feeling to discover the real Oman and to go in places they couldn’t have discover by theirselves.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope that one day we could work on a group together in Oman.

Bes t regards.

Nathalie VIé
Chef de Projets
FACETS - 21 rue de Madrid - 75008 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 42 35 00 - Fax : +33 (0)1 53 42 35 05
E-mail : -
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Dear Denver,

My clients were yesterday for telling me about their experience with the tour. I want to thank you your professionality cause my clients are so glad, all about the tour has been perfect, the hotel and the tours. They told me that victor the guide was very cool. For that and for that it´s a pleasure to work with people like you, I would like to give you thanks for all.
I hope to work with very soon.

María José
Viajes Viaverde
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Dear Sir or Madam,

first of all I would like to make a compliment for Mr. Narayan Nair, one of your members staff, who gave us the best of the company prints. Second I would like to thanks Mr. Narayan the generous way we were treated and received, with much respect and attention. Congratulations Mr. Narayan hope you continue to promote safety and reassurance to passengers who need to use the company.

Best regards,
Dr. Ricardo Anuar Dib BRASIL
Desfazer edições
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Dear Adeeb,

would like to thank you once again for the personal service we received during our stay in Dubai.
Everything was perfect and greatly organized, we both are amazed about the programs and accommodation you arranged for us.
Many thanks for all your work to make our holiday unforgettable.

Have a nice day and brgds,
Rita Retfalvi
Sales Executive Leisure - Hungary
Mobile: +36 30 450 1004
Tel: +36 1 474 8194
Fax: +36 1 474 8457
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Dear Adeeb,

Dear Sirs and Madams at Kurban Tours UAE,
I wanted to drop a few lines to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for the awesome service delivered to our clients who attended Arab Health 2012. The clients came back with very nice impression about the services of Kurban and thus Prestige. This would not have been possible without the relentless efforts that Adeeb has put into their long program. Everything, from the basic visa work all the way to the accommodation and transportation, tours, etc - everything was handled in a very professional manner. Simply the feedback was excellent. Thank you Adeeb and thank you Kurban. We are looking forward for more collaboration. Best if luck to you esteemed company.

Cordially Yours,
Hani Syam
Corporate Services
P. O. Box 942345
Amman, 11194
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Tel. + 962 (6) 554 9000
Fax + 962 (6) 554 9004
Mobile + 962 777 12 16 30
Skype: prestige.amman
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