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Maldives wedding, the perfect hideaway for the perfect celebration. Spa welcomes the bride to use the expert services of an in-house stylist, as well as a choice of a bridal manicure or pedicure. If you wish to custom-design your occasion, these details will spark your imagination. Add sparkle to any wedding by splashing out on the perfect celebration. With an abundance of choice locations, guests can choose ocean or forest vistas in brilliant sunshine, or celebrate beneath a canopy of stars. Exchange vows in your choice of exquisite location, against a backdrop of shimmering blue. Before and after the wedding, unwind in our Island Spa, dine in star-lit seclusion or luxuriate in expansive Beach and Water Bungalows perfect for your wedding night or an unforgettable honeymoon in the Maldives. For this once-in-a-lifetime, we offers the once-in-a-lifetime location. Wedding pavilions face the breaking waves of the Indian Ocean,


Island Beach Wedding

Prepare to walk in the aisle by the beach adorn with flowers and exchange your vows in the most exotic and perfect setting with the beautiful sun setting down, enjoy your first romantic and unforgettable starlit dinner afterwards, you can always plan the way you dream it to be!

Dhoni Boat/Yacht Wedding

Sail in an impeccable harmony by the Indian Ocean while exchanging your vows. Let your most unforgettable day be adorned with the warm glorious sun setting on the horizon and if you are lucky with flying fish and dolphins passing through as your witnesses.

Dessert Island Wedding

Get a feel of being castaway as bride and groom celebrating a love and union in an island surrounded by water, feel free to bring your special guests as you enjoy some private picnic in the island and maybe a campfire in the night with barbeque will add an exotic touch.

Grand Banquet Wedding

Invite your friends and loved ones and let them witness your long lasting and momentous vows together as you start a new journey together. You can do it in a private island setting, by the traditional Maldivian boat or yacht or simply on the resort beach.

Underwater Wedding

Spot the trending union of love from underwater, what more dramatic and breathtaking by plunging into one of the best diving/snorkeling site in the world, let the magnificent colors of life from under water be your on-looker while you create the happiest memory of your lifetime.

Entertainment for the Wedding Celebration

Decorated wedding Buggy
Bridal bouquet of fresh tropical frangipani flowers
Champagne after the wedding ceremony
Single-tier wedding cake
Photography session around the island
Romantic three-course honeymoon dinner with wine at a scenic spot on the island
Floral bath
Turn-down amenity of champagne on the wedding night
Ceremonial wedding certificate
Wedding gift of photo album and CD of the wedding photos

** Please note above offers are subject to availability.


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