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Want to really see India then try getting away from it all and staying with Indians in their own homes. That’s right, be a house guest in an Indian village. There are a few companies that can arrange such kind of village tour which give personal touch and help them to feel read or rural India. These kind of projects help and offers tourists the opportunity to help Indian villages supplement their income, and contribute to improving conditions and education in the villages. 10% of the profits go to these villagers to develop schools and necessity of daily life. However long your Indian holiday is, I don’t think there is any need to stay more than about 3 days, although they recommend staying at least a week. Try the village of Samthar. At an altitude of 1400 meters, in the green mid range of the Himalayas, lies the village of Samthar spread over 12 km, it has a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and on the edge of the terraced farmlands, the hill-side plunges down towards the Samthar river. The guests are housed in one of two homesteads which have been upgraded to make it more comfortable for foreigners, there is running water and electricity, but in some places a bath consists of a bucket of water brought up from the river. However nothing beats the hospitality, and home-made food and everything is clean and hygienic. The people are a of mixed ethnic groups – Nepali and Lepcha. You will have the opportunity to help with the village chores, ploughing collecting fire wood, herding cows. You and your host can pick the daily activities that you do, including visiting other villagers, of various religions, seeing them working at their crafts and even have a go at harvesting rice.


Kathogodam, Haldwari, Almora area of Uttrakhand.

Amirisar, Ludhiya area of Punjab.

Jaipur, Jodhpur area of Rajasthan

Samthar village,

North east corner of India,

Between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

When to go:

Available all year round, but recommended Feb-May, and Sept-Dec.

Suggested time of stay 10 days, but minimum 3 days.

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