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Our Clients
Our Clients

Kurban Tours has dealt with some of the largest travel and tours companies in the world helping them to assist their customers into our destinations
Our portfolio of agencies dealing regularly with us are mainly from France , the UK , Italy , Spain , Holland , Belgium , Brazil , USA , Saudi Arabia ,and all GCC …

Our clients are typically:

  • Tour operators
    • We do offer a regular FIT program with hotels , transfers ,and excursions , but what our clients also appreciate the most , are the special offers we tailor made to their markets , creating them a real difference with their competition !
    • We focus on quick service, and more and more today on INSTANT confirmations as well as XML links to our systems that allow immediate availability and reservations
  • Group operators
    • When it comes to leisure groups, our clients love our GROUP manual that gives them usually a great tool to work with for quick offers – Ask for it 
    • When it comes to MICE or more sophisticated groups, we are always there to offer a quick quotation , trying to offer the most competitive rate with the best product !
  • Travel agents
    Travel agents usually come to us when they have specific requests they are not able to fulfill with their local tour operators.
    They can deal with us for ad hoc requests such as VIP parties , or VIP groups , and we try to give them the best competitive rates not jeopardizing our relations with our TO partners .

Our products are designed differently for each segment of those markets, and we deal with them in a unique way, as per their markets and the requirements of their clients.
We hope to be able to add you soon to our long list of satisfied customers!
Our past references are available upon request and they continue to grow day after day …

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